Your Unconscious Opponent: Don't Lift Their Feet, There's A Better Recourse

Your Unconscious Opponent: Don’t Lift Their Feet, There’s A Better Recourse

See the video here, to learn the basic procedure for moving an unconscious (but regularly breathing) person from their back to the “recovery position.”  In the recovery position, their airway is cleared, any danger of choking on their tongue is lessened, and they are in a safe position in which to awaken. There is no research […]

Why I Teach The Rorion ("Gracie Gift") Guard Pass First

Why I Teach The Rorion (“Gracie Gift”) Guard Pass First

The move in dispute: Right hand on the bicep, step up with the left foot, turn your hips, left hand through the gap created, get the leg onto your shoulder, and reach for the far shoulder, stacking up your opponent for the pass to side mount. Many of us have learned it. Many have laughed […]

All the old ladies and I are doing it

Why I Like Wrist Locks (Less Abashedly Every Day)

Does a submission get less manly as the joint attacked gets smaller? I certainly do not take kindly to finger bending. My longest-time training partners will remember the 2000 NAGA in which I was defeated with a finger “lock” (my opponent couldn’t pass my guard by leaning his forearm on my face, so grabbed my […]

Getting Under The Near-Side Arm: Tip His Knees

My new #1 goal from side mount has become to scoop the near-side arm with my head-side knee, and trap it up in the air. Given the transformation to a tighter game I’m willing myself through, it is really an ideal set-up for everything you could want to do from there (mount, or attack arms […]