Gracie Ansonia Visits Gracie Farmington Valley

Had a great Sunday morning of jiu jitsu today at Gracie Farmington Valley with guests, Doug Lindquist, and a handful of students from his school, Gracie Ansonia.

I got to roll with Doug who has at least as many injuries as me, and around whom I can’t complain about the slowness of healing, because, as he said today “Just wait, it gets worse!” I want to train my whole life, no matter how old I get. I hope I get as old as Doug. Just kidding, Doug.

I am entering the age bracket in which I’ll have to do “old-guy” jiu jitsu, though (minimalist, completely leverage-based, totally absent any strength, and tight on top to keep all progress gained. In other words, jiu jitsu.)

I also rolled with one of his students, Anthony, a two-stripe blue belt, which was a pleasure. His guys are really doing great, and apply technique without the meathead stuff you see from some schools.

A number of Gracie Ansonia guys got stripes on their belts today, including Doug, which is always an honor to be there for; I know how much it means to advance, and to do so among friends.

Lisa and I had a great roll today too. She’s totally getting tight on top (mount and side). She probably has a better near-side armbar than me at this point, and can switch arms as smoothly as anyone I’ve seen do it. Gentlemen, watch your arms!

Jay Bell mentioned that he’s been noticing that when he opens class up to questions, it always is the highest level guys that have questions (and named me as a guy who asks a lot). I have been making an effort to know what I need to work on next, which makes this easy. I have lots of little areas that could be improved, so I hope to recognize and remember them long enough to remember to ask questions. That’s how we improve.

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