Am I The Jerk?

No one is a bigger opponent of “douchey-ness” on the mat than me. Etiquette matters, as far as I’m concerned, at least insofar as our need to watch out for the safety of our partner and those nearby. I’m hyper-vigilant about this, going so far as to apologize mid-roll when there’s a chance a knee […]

Gracie Ansonia Visits Gracie Farmington Valley

Had a great Sunday morning of jiu jitsu today at Gracie Farmington Valley with guests, Doug Lindquist, and a handful of students from his school, Gracie Ansonia. I got to roll with Doug who has at least as many injuries as me, and around whom I can’t complain about the slowness of healing, because, as […]

New Blog, New Diet

Happy Birthday, Blog! Lisa and I have been talking for a while about getting our own blogs up to talk about the ups and downs of our training, possibly some details of our training (an online journal of sorts), and our impressions of and approach to a lifestyle that supports our training.  The blogs are […]

Welcome To

Welcome To

This website is my personal journal for training, teaching, competing, eating, and generally striving to embody a healthy BJJ lifestyle. Please leave feedback on any post that you relate to, and thanks for stopping by!